The 2020/2021 Academic Year will still require substantial remote teaching and for faculty, students, and units to be prepared to move smoothly between the remote and in-person environment.

This site provides UCI schools, departments, and instructors with helpful tools to enabling planning for different types of courses and the enactment of different modalities of delivery, as well as advice and resources to ensure that we continue to provide our students with a high quality, inclusive educational experience. [create an explicit link for Inclusive Teaching Practices on DTEI website, and as a minimum include a list of resources – eg. The list at]

Providing the optimal instructional experience for faculty and thus learning experience for students requires a strategic approach that focuses on course objectives, faculty expertise, and external constraints imposed by the pandemic. Understanding the role individual courses play in the larger context of student learning is an important consideration, too; indeed, the Division of Teaching Excellence & Innovation can help with all of this. But it is important for units to remember that a collective approach will be the most successful.

Step 1: School & Department Strategic Planning and Development

  1. Which of your program’s courses are already prepared to be taught in an online/remote format or could be ready with minor assistance from an instructional designer?
  2. For which of your program’s courses do you believe face to face instruction is more important?
  3. Where can you strategically leverage cooperation across multiple sections of the same course or cooperation across similar courses in different units?

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning is developing content for departmental or school administrators facing these issues to learn about available campus resources.

Step 2: Individual Course Design & Development

  1. What components of your course translate well in a remote format and which may need modification?
  2. Which of the five best practices for remote learning would you plan to focus on for your remote course?
  3. Are there potential ways to leverage face-to-face instruction using a hybrid format (to ensure social distancing in your classroom)?

The Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning is continuing to develop content for instructors facing these issues to learn about available campus resources when designing courses.