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Matthew Mahavongtrakul teaches his molecular biology class in the 200-seat auditorium at the ALP.
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Individual Course Design & Development

Individual Course Design & Development

Steps for Making Your Course

As you plan your approach to teaching remotely, we recommend basing your course design on the research-based rubric developed by Prof. Di Xu here at UCI. Many of the underlying principles of in-person and remote teaching align. Using the proposed 4-step approach outlined below, instructors can retain existing elements of an in-person course that align with elements of the rubric, creating new features only as necessary to ensure quality remote teaching.

First, please review the rubric summary:

Second, step through the 4-step approach to utilizing the rubric:

In summary, keep in mind the general themes of (1) paying close attention to developing community wherever possible for the students; (2) maintaining clear and consistent communication; (3) delivering content in digestible chunks and in a variety of modalities; and (4) careful evaluation of course policies and assessment that can account for both the mode of delivery and the flexibility necessitated by current conditions of the pandemic.

A full description and detailed approach can be found at: https://www.olrc.us/reflecting-on-course-design.htmlThis rubric is specifically aimed at online courses offered at postsecondary institutions in general, with a particular focus on courses that enroll a diverse population of students. However, as you implement the rubric, you will notice that a significant portion of it applies equally well to in-person teaching and does not represent new approaches.


The Division of Teaching Excellence and Innovation is here to support transitioning in-person courses to remote delivery:

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